Shoulder Bursitis is a painful and inflammatory condition of the shoulder joint. For understanding Shoulder Bursitis first, you have to understand what is bursa. A Bursa is a fluid-filled sac which reduces the friction between tissue and body. Around there are 160 bursae present in the human body, the major bursae are present in the big joints and tendons like hips, knees, and shoulders. Bursitis is an inflammation condition of the bursa which is mainly caused by an injury.

In this article, you will look into different causes, symptoms, and treatment for Bursitis. You will also read about CBD and role of CBD for treating Shoulder Bursitis.

Cause of Bursitis

CBD For Shoulder Bursitis
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The main cause of Bursitis is injury or infection. In some cases, Bursitis is caused by the overuse of joint which is known as the rotator cuff tendons or impingement syndrome. When you are having constant stress over the shoulder then also there is a possibility of having Shoulder Bursitis. People with a profession like musicians, painters, and athletes have a chance of developing Shoulder Bursitis. Some medical conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes also develop Bursitis.

What are the symptoms of Shoulder Bursitis?

  1. Pain and inflammation in the shoulder joint.
  2. Limited shoulder movement.
  3. Tenderness and redness
  4. Pain which feels like sharp and throbbing
  5. Lack of shoulder strength
  6. Pain while reaching the seatbelt
  7. Severe pain when the shoulder is touched
  8. Pain in the shoulder while raising the arm

How Shoulder Bursitis is diagnosed?

To diagnose Shoulder Bursitis the doctor will physically examine you. He will go through the shoulder movement and current range of movement. He can refer to you for Radiography, Radiography is the advanced form of X-Ray which shows information in a more detailed way. The doctor can refer you for an MRI scan where he can see damaged bursa and area where inflammation is caused. In a severe case, he may suggest fluid testing which is known as aspiration.

What is CBD & role of CBD in Shoulder Bursitis?

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CBD (Cannabinoid) is a naturally occurring chemical substance which is found in the hemp plants. The CBD is extracted through the different process like Dry Ice Extraction, Olive Oil Extraction, CO2 Extraction, and Ethanol Extraction method. The best thing about CBD is that it is extracted in different forms such as Isolate, Wax, Oil, Tincture, and E-juice.

Many people get confused about CBD, they think CBD can get them high but CBD is completely non-psychoactive in nature which means it can’t get you high. CBD is very rich in natural healing properties because of which it has been used to treat different medical conditions like Anxiety, ADD, ADHD, Bipolar, Cancer, Strokes, and many more.

When you suffer from Shoulder Bursitis then you can use CBD oil in your food as a supplement to reduce pain and inflammation. You can also apply CBD oil orally over the affected area to reduce the tenderness and redness. Sometimes pain from Shoulder Bursitis can disrupt your sleep then you can use CBD E-Juice in vape pen to get quick relief from Bursitis.

How you can consume CBD?

  1. You can use CBD infused capsule which can be orally ingested. It helps you to perform daily activities.
  2. The tincture is the purest form of CBD available. You can consume it orally just by putting it under your tongue.
  3. You can use E-juice which is heated through vape pen and consumed in the form of vapor.
  4. You can use CBD in form of sprays to get quick relief.
  5. Topical is one the best form to use CBD in Shoulder Bursitis, you can apply CBD infused product over the affected area to reduce the symptoms.

Final thoughts On CBD For Shoulder Bursitis

Shoulder Bursitis is a very uncomfortable condition which affects your shoulder joint. If proper care is not given in time then it can take a chronic form which can lead to loss of motion and numbness. When medications are not helping in Shoulder Bursitis then you try CBD from Thoughtcloud as an alternative for Bursitis. In many cases, CBD has shown positive results in reducing the symptoms in Bursitis.

If you have any suggestions regarding this article, then feel free to comment in the below section.

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