A medical condition marked by a yeast-like fungus known as Candida albicans which overgrows within the mouth and throat, Thrush is a normal yeast infection that impacts both men and women. Though harmless, but it causes discomfort as it can recur. Few types of fungi develop naturally inside the body and can be useful or harmful. You tend to get infected when fungus gets very difficult for the immune system to tackle. You must have heard of the common types of skin fungal infections like athlete’s foot, ringworm, jock itch or yeast infections. A natural antibiotic and antifungal plant medication is the cannabinoid CBD that treats bacterial, fungal and yeast infections with efficacy and no adverse side effects.

What Thrush Actually Is?

CBD For Thrush Infection
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Thrush results from a fungus that exists naturally inside your body and is a yeast infection. Generally, men do not suffer from thrush, but estimates mention that 3 out of four women is more likely to acquire it at some stage of their lives. Thrush is a general cause of abnormal vaginal discharge in women. Further, this yeast infection thrush is not a sexually transmitted infection (STI) but can get passed on during sex.
Candidiasis or thrush is clinically diagnosed by a dentist or a physician when its typical white patches are detected inside the mouth or throat.
Severe instances of thrush involve the esophagus and cause pain during swallowing. Thrush is also a normal vaginal infection resulting from an overgrowth of yeasts which exists generally in the bowel or different portions of the body like the skin, mouth, and vagina.

Causes Behind Thrush Infection

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The most prevalent cause of thrush is Candida albicans through different kinds of yeast are also responsible. Other likely causes which can spread the candida fungus to various regions of the body and lead to systemic infection are:

  • A weakened or impaired immune system (Cancer, HIV, Uncontrolled Diabetes, Chemotherapy)
  • Consuming antibiotics
  • Intake of high alcohol
  • Ingesting oral contraceptives
  • Diabetes
  • Raised stress levels

Symptoms That Are Linked With Thrush

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The health problems arising out of an overproduction of Candida which results in thrush generate various symptoms in women and men which are as follows:

Signs of Thrush In Women

  • White discharge similar to cottage cheese which is non-smelly
  • Scratching and irritation near the vagina
  • Soreness and stinging pain while peeing or performing sex

Symptoms of Thrush In Men

  • Irritation, scorching, and redness surrounding the penis tip and beneath the foreskin
  • A white discharge resembling cottage cheese
  • Offensive smell
  • Difficulty in pulling the foreskin back
  • Thrush also impacts areas of the skin, for instance, the armpits, between the fingers or groin which results in a red, scratch or aching rash which gets worse with whitish or yellowish discharge. However, on darker skin rashes may not be visible and at times thrush does not induce any symptoms.

In Oral thrush, candidiasis grows inside the mouth or throat in persons with a weakened immune system. People affected with oral thrush generally develop white, rough patches on their gums, tongue, inside of their cheeks, throat or tonsils. These lesions can cause pain, redness or mouth and tongue soreness. A person with thrush symptoms developing fever and chills require immediate medical attention.
Moreover, recent studies hint at various gastrointestinal tract ailments like Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis being caused due to Candida overgrowth.

Cannabidiol Counters Bacterial And Fungal Infection

CBD works like an antibiotic and resists bacterial and fungal infections. In addition to antimicrobial properties, this cannabinoid can also counter the inflammation caused by the infection. Researchers believe that CBD oil can be useful as an effective treatment alternative for infections resulting from drug-resistant bacteria.
Some of the characteristics of CBD that helps in alleviating thrush infection are:

CBD Has Antifungal Properties

The antifungal properties of CBD have proved beneficial in athlete’s foot and they work by curbing cell multiplication of the fungus. This helps to generate an environment where the cells of the fungus start to die and perish. Further, it’s analgesic nature can help in alleviating the irritation and stinging pain felt in vaginal thrush and also in esophageal thrush.

An Effective Remedy In Staph Infection

As an antibiotic CBD aggressively fights the invaders that have attacked the body. In research where scientists tested 5 cannabinoids against various six strains of MRSA, CBD and different cannabinoids functioned effectively against the bacteria which was resistant to drugs.

Possesses Anti Inflammatory Attributes

CBD works upon the CB2 receptors of the endocannabinoid system and regulates the immune response. Many factors cause the immune response to go berserk like strong irritants, infections and pathogens, autoimmune issues and even your lifestyle. Inflammation causes disorders and ailments to deteriorate and as an anti-inflammatory agent, CBD curbs inflammation and regulates the immune system. The proinflammatory cells cytokines trigger the pain receptors of the nerve cells and the longer they remain inside our system, the greater the activation of the pain receptors. Rather, cytokines heighten pathologic pain and also aggravate the pain experienced in oral and vaginal thrush.
As CBD attaches to the CB2 receptors of the immune cells that are overactive it activates an anti-inflammatory protein known as the caspase. As the caspase gets activated, it transmits a signal that starts cell death of the immune cell. Such caspase activation results in immune cell death and the inflammation gets regulated and cytokines production gets reduced. This restores a weakened immune system which is one of the primary causes of thrush infection and overgrowth of candidiasis.
Besides, the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects of CBD can help to reduce the skin itchiness and stinging felt in thrush.

Conclusion On CBD For Thrush Infection

Phytocannabinoids like CBD has been found to treat beneficially a host of bacterial and fungal infections as it is stacked with diverse properties from being an immunosuppressant, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antifungal, promoter of neurogenesis and more still counting. As a healthy medication, CBD helps to damage the cell membranes of the fungi without impairing the human cells. No wonder, CBD has proven to be a well-recognized antibacterial which builds a strong defense to ward off viruses, bacteria, and even fungi.

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