Osteitis Pubis is a very uncommon condition in which pain and inflammation are observed in Pelvis and Groin. To understand this more let’s dig deeper, Pelvis is a set of bones and its main function is to connect the legs to the upper body. Pelvis also supports internal sex organs, bladder, and intestine. You must be wondering about the term Pubis so let’s understand this term also. Pubis or Public bone is a set of three bones which forms the hip. The joint where public bone meets is known as pubic symphysis and this is made of cartilage. When the muscles around the joint are inflamed then Osteitis Pubis is developed.

Further, in this article, you will read about Osteitis Pubis symptoms and treatment. I will also tell you about CBD and role of CBD for treating Osteitis Pubis.

Osteitis Pubis: Symptoms & Causes

CBD For Osteitis Pubis
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The symptoms of Osteitis Pubis start with pain in the front area of the Pelvis. You can feel the pain in the middle or one side of the pelvis. The other symptoms include uncomfortable movement with weakness and limping. Below there are some more common symptoms that can help you to identify Osteitis Pubis,

  1. Pain in the symphysis which radiates outward
  2. Pain in the lower abdominal area
  3. Difficulty in activities like walking, standing, and running.
  4. Stiffness and tenderness
  5. Pain which won’t let you sleep


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People who are involved in different sports activities such as hockey, football, cycling, and running are more prone to Osteitis Pubis. When you are having repetitive motions then excessive stress is given to pubic symphysis which can cause strain to the muscles. Common activities like jumping, running, skating, and running can also trigger Osteitis Pubis. Other common causes of Osteitis Pubis are as follows.

  1. Pregnancy
  2. Injury or Trauma
  3. Lower abdominal surgical treatment

Treatment option for Osteitis Pubis

Rest is very important for treating Osteitis Pubis, it will increase the healing process and prevent you from any further injury.

Heat & Ice

Ice packs and heat pads are the best to reduce the level of pain and inflammation caused by Osteitis Pubis. If you don’t have an ice pack then wrap ice in a towel and leave it on the affected area for 20 minutes several times a day. Don’t use ice directly on your skin, it can lead to serious burns.

Physical Therapy

Physical helps you to regain the strength of the affected area, it will also reduce the stiffness pain and inflammation.


CBD oil is completely natural and organic in nature, you can use it orally just by dropping a few drops of it under your tongue or in your food and beverages to reduce pain and inflammation.

What is CBD (Cannabinoid)?

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CBD is a natural chemical compound which has a number of therapeutic properties. This chemical compound is completely safe and non-toxic in nature which makes it useful for low weight people. CBD is extracted in different forms such as Isolate, Wax, Tincture, Oil, and E-Juice. With the advancement in the medical industry, CBD is now used to treat different medical conditions such as Strokes, ADHD, Bipolar, Acne, Heat Disease, Anxiety, Insomnia, Depression and many more.

Does CBD help in Osteitis Pubis?

There is no particular treatment option for Osteitis Pubis but CBD has shown the promising effect to reduce the symptoms of Osteitis Pubis. The CBD chemical compound is rich in an anti-pain and anti-inflammation property because of which it is helpful in this condition. You can also use CBD Pain Management Balm from Thoughtcloud for Osteitis Pubis.

Conclusion On CBD For Osteitis Pubis

After reading this article you know Osteitis Pubis is a serious medical condition which can lead to chronic pain. This condition should be given proper care and treatment else it can affect your lifestyle.

Many people are not able to get proper medical treatment for Osteitis Pubis because it is quite expensive, but the good news is that now there is CBD, which is an affordable and effective chemical compound which can be used as an alternative for Osteitis Pubis. For buying CBD you can visit Thoughtcloud. All the CBD products from Thoughtcloud are high and rich quality. They are completely non-toxic in nature which makes them useful for low weight people.

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